Karunamoorthy is a young exponent of the Tavil bestowed with the prestigious honour `Asthana Vidwan' of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetom for his meritorious service to traditional Indian Music.

He took the first step at the age of ten when he started learning Tavil from Narayana Panicker of Haripad, a temple-town in Alleppey (since renamed Alappuzha) district of Kerala. in south India.

After three years of initial learning, Karuna headed for Tamil Nadu to learn from some of the grand masters of Tavil percussion.

He started his higher lessons with Tanjavur Govindaraj and later moved to Tiruvidaimarudur Venkatesh to fine-tune the art of playing this complicated percussion instrument.

With a genuine appetite for more, Karuna was accepted by maestro Valayappatti Subramaniam who helped him learn the advanced lessons in the art of Tavil playing. Already into the concert circuit in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the young man was later under the tutorship of another Maestro Mannarcudi Vasudevan with whom he continues to play to this day.

From playing with Carnatic Clarinet maestro AKC Natarajan, Saxophone Maestro Kadri Gopalnath, Nadaswara Vidwans (maestros) Seturaman Ponnuswamy and Tiruvizha Jaishankar, and Vettikkavala Shashikumar, Karuna's shift to a more global perspective in music was quite natural.

He met his first overseas student, Christian Auer from Germany, in 1996 during a concert in Varkala, Kerala. Christian's appetite for learning Tavil turned their relationship into one that is more than that of a student and a teacher. In 1999 Christian invitedmoorthy to Germany thus providing the first overseas break for the young exponent who had by then played with several maestros in India.

Having stepped into World Music, Karuna performed in various prestigious concerts in India and in countries like Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Belgium, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Australia, with such luminaries of Jazz drumming as Steve Smith, Effrain Toro, Dave Weckl, Hakim Ludin, Jeff Hamilton, Richie Gajate Garcia, Chad Wackerman, Marco Minneman, Ralf Gukdze, Brad Dutz, besides many other well-known names, over the past few years.

Besides playing with them, Karuna conducted several workshops for drummers and percussionists of various genres while in Europe. He has since been regularly performing with Flamenco dance exponent Bettina Costano from Spain. They form a trio with the legend of Chenda (another soutth Indian percussion), Mattannoor Sankaran Kutty.

As a Tavil exponent, Karuna blends well with the multi-genre, multi-discipline music and dance shows organised in various countries by Soorya Cultural Society run by Soorya Krishnamoorthy.

Karuna's journey into world of music started at a very early age. His brilliance and dedication in the field of percussion did catch the eye of many maestros. They found in him a cheerful and gifted musician with lot of vibrant energy to perform.

Karuna's journey into the world of fusion music accompanying legends like Saxaphone maestro Kadri Gopalnath, Chenda maestro Mattanoor Sankarankutty, Violin maestro Kunnakudi Vaidhyanathan and Veena (an Indian string instrument) maestro Rajhesh Vaidhya, for concerts both in India and abroad, won him kudos.

He also accompanies the renowned Saxophone duo Lavanya Sisters, two young musicians from Chennai, for most of their recordings and concerts.

Karuna has the distinction of having played in over 1,500 stages around the world.

In 2008 Karuna was bestowed with the prestigious honour `Asthana Vidwan' of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetom for his meritorious service to traditional Indian Music.

His busy schedules in India and abroad didn’t stop Karuna from playing for some of the leading film music composers in Tamil and Malayalam Harris Jayaraj and M Jayachandran.

During his early forays into the European circuit, Karuna has played with world music combo Embryo and features in their live recordings. As an upcoming Tavil player, Karuna had in the late 1990s organised a few widely-televised concerts in Kerala with Jazz Saxophone exponent Roland Sheiffer, Germany-based percussionist Hakim Ludin, Switzerland-based Tabla player and music professor Jatinder Thakur, Kanjira player Selva Ganesh among others.

Apart from his Indian students, Karuna teaches several Europeans who got hooked on to the mesmerising power of Tavil that he played during his several shows in Europe. Besides Christian, he also teaches Austrian drummer Sven Kienesberger who is now a favourite student and friend.

A recent addition to his long list of recordings is an instrumental DVD with Veena exponent Rajhesh Vaidhya that was produced by Indian digital media giant Moser Baer.

Karuna's own production Company Anjaneya Hospitality recently produced three Music Albums with some big names.


Featuring Kanyakumari on Violin, Mamabalam M.K.S.Siva on Nadaswaram, Allapuzha R.Karuna Moorthy on Tavil,Padri Satheeshkumar on Mridhangam. Mudikondan S.Ramenh on Veena and Srisundarkumar on Ganjira.


At the outset I extend my sincere gratitude and admiration to Shri.Surya Krishnamoorthy, an adherent admirer of traditional music and culture.

Featuring Attukal Balasubramaniam on Violin,M.S.Lavanya on Saxophone, Mattannoor Sankaran Kutty Marar on Chenda,Alapuzha R.Karunamoorthy on Tavil, B.T.Jijith on Key Board, Josy John on Base Guitar, Sasi Mahesh on Mridhangam, Adhichanaloor Anil Kumar on Ghatam, Sasi Malamari on Drums and Jayan Malamari on Tabla.


Featuring Mamabalam M.K.S.Siva on Nadaswaram, Tiruvalapatoor T.A.Kaliya Moorthy on Tavil, Alapuzha R.Karuna Moorthy on Tavil.

I take this this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to Ms.Bettina from Switzerland and Mr.John from UK, for their fullerst support to all the endeavours of Anjaneya.

I dedicate these albums with prayers “ Loka Samastha Sukhiino Bhavantu”
To my Gurus, friends and the music lovers.

Backed by copious experience Karunamoorthy continues his venture in the world of percussion.